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You want to get more out of your capital, have clear expectations of returns, and don’t want to watch the market every hour.

Skyline Trading AG offers you a comprehensive range of services in stock options trading. We monitor, analyse and evaluate your financial transactions continuously, make suggestions for buying or selling that are individually tailored to you, and also take care of the administrative processing. Choose Skyline Trading AG – so that you can focus on the nicer things in life. Contact us for a no obligation consultation.

Opening a private individual account.

Visit by our sales representatives on location to decide the strategy and make the account opening as easy as possible.

Creating a portfolio that is individually tailored to the client’s needs.

Personal client advisor who continuously provides information on market events and the associated investment opportunities throughout the business relationship.

Seamless portfolio monitoring and, accordingly, the option to react immediately in the event of contrary price developments.

Opportunity to earn returns even in falling markets.


Use challenges as opportunities

Investors must continue to prepare for a challenging market environment in the coming years. The record low interest rates will accompany investors just as much as a rough economic environment, geopolitical tensions, and protectionism.

As an investor, the first fundamental question for you is which asset class to invest in. This is because the choice of an asset class also comprises the associated opportunities and risks, the necessary time horizon, and the availability of capital.


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